Existing Transhipment Operations at Redi

  • Two jetties that are operational (Jetty 2A and Jetty 2B).
  • Operates during the fair weather
  • Jetty 2A and 2B are used to load the barges of capacity 1000 DWT with iron ore that later unloads into mother ship anchored in deeper sea (Transhipment operation).
  • Barges are loaded at a rate of 10000 to 15000 tonnes per day.
  • Handles around 1 MTPA.

Existing infrastructure

  • 2 jetties – 60 m in length each
  • Ability to handle upto 5 million tonnes per annum.

Main Entrance Of Redi Port   Guest House Redi Port   Jetty Entrance

Admin Office

  Custom Rooms   Safety Equipments

Jetty at Redi Port


Radar Room & VHF Operations At Redi Port


Stacking of Iron Ore

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